Concise Labs is the API & data infrastructure for Solana with the aim to provide fast, reliable and ready-to-use access to blockchain data.


  • Querying on-chain data is slow and tedious

  • Querying data-of-interest is not possible

Solana as a network grew exponentially over the last 18 months with thousands of developers building applications used by millions of users on a daily basis. This directly translates to terabytes of blockchain data. While Solana is extremely fast with sub-second block times, querying for blockchain data is painfully slow and tedious due to lack of mature data infrastructure and tooling.

Additionally, there is no easy way to query for data-of-interest (data stored in the account space by various programs). Many developers building apps on Solana require ability to query data of their choice whether it is to show useful insights/metrics or to use data for decision making. Currently, this is not possible unless they host their own infrastructure to capture and parse the data generated by their respective programs, store it and expose APIs. This is both expensive and time consuming.


  • Blazing fast APIs for your Solana programs

  • First and the only platform to provide APIs for custom programs using Anchor IDL

  • APIs with sub-second latency

Concise Labs has built a state-of-the-work infrastructure to capture and parse the on-chain data, store the derived data in a highly customised and query-able format and serve the data-of-interest through GraphQL API with a sub-second latency (just the way Solana is).

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