Why Concise Labs?

Because we are awesome!

What is private beta?

As part of private beta, you will get access to 2 types of APIs

  1. GraphQL API to query program account data of all your PDAs

  2. GraphQL API to query data based on custom filters and relationships (can be defined across PDAs)

How long do I have to wait to get approval for private beta access?

Approval can take upto 48 hours. We will get in touch with you if we need more details for approval.

How is Concise Labs different from others who provide developer tooling for Solana?

Concise Labs primary focus is to provide fast, reliable and ready-to-use APIs for developers to query on-chain data of their own programs. We are the ONLY platform today that provides APIs to query data-of-interest.

Are there any limits on the API? The free tier gives you access to one GB data pass-through and 60 requests/minute every month.

How do I upgrade to the next tier?

We will very soon have new tiers for advanced user cases. Please wait for an announcement on how to upgrade.

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